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Are You a Startup?

We are committed to help you survive and thrive in this fiercely competitive economy!

As an entrepreneur, you are often faced with huge decisions when your company is in its very early stages: A skeleton crew of team members, minimal sales, and less funds. While your focus is understandably on immediate survival, and how you can hit your first big hurdles, what else should you be thinking of, especially where your finances are concerned? What do you do with your startup funds?

At T R Chadha & Co LLP we assist our clients manage their funds, and align their strategy with the investments raised. This is critical because many of you entrepreneurs use your life’s savings to make the leap into independence.

We Provide

A unique platform for information/ knowledge sharing
End-to-end tailored solutions
Financial services specific to start-up
Advisory, compliance and consultancy services
Virtual CFO
Process mapping
Business process re-engineering
Planning and Modelling

Collaborative growth environment for the start ups

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